Gold Panning in Alabama

Gold panning and gold prospecting sites can be found in many places all around the US but there are many documented cases of discovery in the east. In Alabama especially many gold discoveries have been documented and many have been cases of finding large amounts of gold using a host of gold panning equipment. If you are interested in gold panning and gold prospecting in the state of Alabama you could benefit for Alabama’s over one hundred and thirty five sites that cater to these activities. In addition to this over 7 counties are recognized for housing substantial amounts of gold at various points in Alabama’s gold history. Gold prospecting and panning are hobbies that many people in the state enjoy and do on a daily basis and these hobbies have been around for a long time in Alabama’s history. In fact gold mining developed in Alabama around the year 1830 and has not stopped since this time. One of the most famous discoveries made in the state occurred during this year by the Hilton Brothers who successfully extracted over 65 ounces of gold from their now famous gold pit. The gold that the Hilton Brothers extracted in Alabama was from a pit about 3 feet in diameter and they did the extracting in half a day. This was a big discovery even by today’s standards that did not take much work to accomplish.

Many people use their gold panning equipment to pan for gold around the areas or Montgomery and Birmingham Alabama. If you are in the Alabama area and are in search of a good gold prospecting area than these are good places to start your search. When it comes to finding gold in Alabama it always helps to have a trusted prospecting map to aid in your search. Without a good prospecting map you will be searching blindly so when you are thinking of panning for gold in Alabama it is important to keep this in mind.